• About Us

What is HelpSaúde?

HelpSaúde is a platform that connects patients to health providers. We are the absolute leaders in generating leads to health providers in Brazil, with the 2nd or 6th biggest audience in health segment (depending which company does the measurement). We have the most comprehensive database in Brazil, with more then 1.5 million registered providers. Our service is 100% free to users.

What should I use HelpSaúde for?

Thousands of patients use HelpSaúde in a daily basis in order to get in touch with health providers, to schedule appointments and to know more about drugs and medicine.

Health professionals and clinics use HelpSaúde to acquire more clients. Our services are Freemium, so providers can promote their services for free, but we also offer premium services for those who want to drive more traffic to their profile pages.

How does HelpSaúde work?

We gathered health provider’s information that was spread all over the web, from dozens of sources such as Brazilian Health Minister, medical associations and major health insurance plans. All that rich information was then combined to generate the most comprehensive database in Brazil. Users can search for health providers or drugs by entering keywords as they use any other search engine.

How does HelpSaúde earn money?

We run advertising campaigns and also offer a Premium service to health providers, who then pay a monthly subscription fee. Users do not pay to use HelpSaúde.

Who runs HelpSaúde?

HelpSaúde is a Brazilian venture, financed by their co-founders, by Astella Investimentos and by Kaszek Ventures.

Published in 05/31/2012